Watch Scott discuss “Kennedy and Reagan” and “Almost President

Watch Scott on the exciting new network Pivot TV as he discusses “Kennedy and Reagan: Why Their Legacies Endure” with TakePartLive host Jacob Soboroff. ┬áThe segment aired December 5, 2013

Watch Scott discuss “Almost President: The Men Who Lost the Race But Changed the Nation” here on C-SPAN’s Book TV during Scott’s appearance at The Rediscovered Bookshop in Boise, Idaho, last year. Scott’s appearance at Powell’s Beaverton where he discussed “Kennedy and Reagan: Why Their Legacies Endure” will be broadcast on Book TV soon.

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  1. Jim Conroy says:

    Scott: Our mutual publisher, Lyons Press, gave me a copy of Almost President, which I read from cover to cover and very much enjoyed. My website, tells the story of my own just-released book. As a former political press secretary and speechwriter, casually acquainted with several of the more recent subjects of your book, I think you did a terrific, thought-provoking job. Thanks for several entertaining and enlightening hours.

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